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Making the World a Better Place

Welcome to Rain It In!

Rain It In is a non-profit that hosts competitions for post-secondary students with a focus on solving a real world problem affecting our communities.


Teams will create innovative solutions that will mitigate the impacts of intense rainfall and flooding, with assistance after the competition to develop and implement their solution.

The Problem

The Impact of Climate Change

Climate change has increased the frequency and intensity of historically uncommon rainfall events. The flooding caused by these severe downpours causes issues such as:


  • Untreated wastewater to discharge or spill into our water bodies
  • Sewage back-ups into our homes and businesses
  • Damage to our infrastructure
  • The safety of the public to be put at risk
  • Pollutants including oil, lawn fertilizers, and animal waste to wash into our waterways
  • Beach closures
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The Competition

Challenge your students to imagine new possibilities

Rain It In is a competition that encourages students to innovate in areas focusing on severe storms and risks of increased flooding. Teams will submit a written report and further present their work to a panel of industry experts. Following the competition, teams will receive further support and resources to bring their projects to life.

Don’t Forget To Register Your Team!

The registration deadline for our winter 2022 competition has been extended to February 1st, 2022. If you have questions regarding registration, please contact registration@rainitinsc.com

Registration is open