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The Competition

Everything You Need To Know

Competition Overview

The Competition consists of a written report and oral presentation. Teams will be required to register in order to participate. Once registered teams can begin working on their solutions. Report and presentation evaluation guidelines can be found below.

Building Your Team

Teams should consist of 3 to 6 members.


Though it is not mandatory, we strongly encourage participants to build diversified teams across various programs  to gain different perspectives and skills useful for developing a successful innovation.


Along with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) students, other programs that could be considered when building a team are Horticulture, Water Quality, Environmental Sciences, Marketing, Finance, Public Relations, etc.

Your Innovation

The purpose of this competition is for teams to create innovations that can be implemented in their communities to reduce the impact of intense rainfall events.


Teams have the option to design a brand new innovative solution or to modify and improve an existing one. Innovations are not restricted to being physical products like rain barrels, rain gardens, or blue roofs, but can also be technologies, outreach, education campaigns, fundraisers, games and more!


Teams are to look at their community and environment when designing their product and innovations can be made for a urban or rural application.


At the end of the competition, teams will have a chance to network with each other to determine if there is an opportunity to merge their ideas and collaborate to expand on their innovations.

Report and Presentation

Your team will create a report that describes the innovation, including details about the materials needed, the expense breakdown, and the marketing strategy. An electronic copy of your report must be submitted to submission@rainitinsc.com before midnight on March 1st, 2020.


Based on the report evaluation, the top teams are expected to attend the presentations on March 24th, 2020 at Durham College, in the Global Classroom. 10 minutes will be allotted to each team to pitch your innovation and showcase a prototype. After each presentation, the judges will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.


Your team’s report and presentation will be evaluated by a judging panel composed of industry experts. Please review the report and presentation assessment criteria for details on how you will be evaluated.


Rain It In Report Evaluation


Rain It In Presentation Evaluation

Why Participate

Rain It In provides an environment for experiential learning to take place. Students will be able to apply their knowledge and skills developed from their education to a real world problem. They will have a project to showcase to potential employers and be part of the solution to address the impacts of climate change in their community.


The first place team will receive a small monetary prize to help with the development and implementation of their innovation on their campus and/or in their community.


All participating teams will have the opportunity to network with passionate, like-minded peers and build relationships with industry contacts. Teams will receive mentorship after the competition to continue with the development and implementation of their innovations.

Want to Attend?

Presentations and awards will be hosted by Durham College in the Global Classroom on March 24th 2020.


We would like to invite you to attend our event. If you, your class, or organization are interested in attending the competition but are unable to attend in person, please contact inquiries@rainitinsc.com to learn about the opportunity to video conference through Durham College’s Global Classroom.

Rain It In’s 2020 Judging Panel

Our judging panel of industry experts are hand picked to maximize our competition’s potential and impact on our community

Anthony Merante (M.Sc.)
World Wildlife Fund – Canada
Specialist, Freshwater Program

Anthony is a trained ecologist, with strong emphasis and experience in aquatic ecosystems well as their interaction with the terrestrial ecosystem.  Anthony holds a degree in marine and freshwater biology from U of Guelph and a masters from l’Université du Québec à Montréal.


He has worked as a field researcher, lab coordinator, and now holds the files on the Great Lakes and national water data initiatives at WWF-Canada. He developed the #LessSalty campaign to reduce excessive road salt use in Ontario and works with local stakeholders to see the Great Lakes Basin resilient in this time of climate change.

Sabrina Ternier Headshot
Sabrina Ternier
Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks
Senior Program Advisor

Sabrina works for the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks as a Senior Program Advisor in the Innovations Unit. Using an innovative lens, she leads pilot projects and facilitates partnerships to test or support new ideas that drive better environmental outcomes in the water resources sector.


Projects range from low impact development, resource recovery, competitions, and how stormwater can be regulated in the future.

Dr. Katrina Hitchman
Canadian Water Network
Director of Program Development

Katrina joined Canadian Water Network in 2009. In her current role, she is responsible for the strategic oversight and integrated management of Canadian Water Network’s programs, and the development of new initiatives that are of interest to Canadian Water Network and its partners. Katrina also oversees
program evaluation initiatives to ensure Canadian Water Network is providing excellent value to partners, clients and the broader end-user community.


Katrina holds a PhD and Master of Applied Science in industrial and organizational psychology from the University of Waterloo, as well as an Honours Bachelor of Arts from Mount Allison University.





Registration closes February 9th, 2020

Check back for more Rain It In details in 2020!